This quest for Communion

Seeking the heart of reality

As the source of all art, beauty, sciencde and wealth
As this purpose we seek when aware of realitty and its discerning power
As we all use our soul and our heart to be in view to others
As we all know of reality by our youth and education
as we every day have again this choice this choice
for our daily task, our daily investigation for its purpose
as we daily find the intent of our inner soul
As we choose our life and destiny as our soul feels

As to find all sources, vows, oaths and obligation
by the use of centering ourselves in reality
as its the guiding force to find our destiny
even when life seems normal or without its radiance
as we choose life in reality its force unfolds
as its guiding force, grants wisdom, service, and
its full power when our soul is filled with
its moments of joy and moments of suffer.

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